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Hear from mentors, leaders and coaches who have been a part of my journey.

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Megan truly embodies this quote - "Work for a cause, not for applause..." 
As a standout member of the UT Nike Project Move cohort, I witnessed Megan's tireless + selfless efforts firsthand. 
"...Live life to express, not to impress..."
Megan's ability to be a servant leader throughout the cohort's project ideation process & delivery of the program experience was commendable. 
"...Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt." 
Megan consistently demonstrated that she was all about the UT cohort's program success & the lasting impact it would have on the campus community.
Megan is... a game changer!

Kevin Carroll
Named the "Mayor" of Nike by Phil Knight

Over the last 23 years, I figure I’ve taught basic news writing and reporting to more than a thousand students. Megan Fee is among the strongest students with whom I’ve ever worked and has the potential to be one of the best interns you’ve ever employed.  She’s an independent self-starter who won’t need hand holding, but she’s a strong enough team player that she’ll gladly take the hand of someone else needs assistance. 

Look at her resume. She has the skills down and has the experience to navigate any obstacles or challenges that may pop up. Megan is adept at finding story ideas and at thinking her way around the edges of how to best approach them. In spite of her talent, Megan is humble, open to constructive criticism and eager to learn from professionals. Any time I can spend with her is golden and I’m sure you would have the same experience.

Diana Dawson
UT Austin Journalism Professor

The best way to describe Megan is; an enterprise leader with boundless potential. Working closely with Megan and watching her develop this past year with Project Move has been truly inspirational. Her ability to take on a project with positive energy and relentless drive really allowed her to stand out and showcase her strength as a future marketer. But the thing I respected and admired most about working with Megan was her ability to be present each and every day while working on Project Move – something I personally find to be invaluable skill and will continue to serve Megan well throughout her journey.

Mel Leszcynski
Nike Brand Manager – Leagues, Athletes & Grassroots Marketing

I cannot say enough about Megan’s “can-do” attitude – she approached every assignment during her internship as an opportunity to support MCP’s goals as well as hone her skills. She is dependable, enthusiastic and produces quality work in a quick timeframe. Along with her contributions to the team, she is a team-player and is one of the most pleasurable staff members that I’ve ever managed. She takes initiative and brings out the best in her coworkers.

Morgan Sava
VP, Director of Corporate Marketing at Mission Critical Partners, LLC

I’ve gotten to know Megan over the last year after, and she is an absolute go-getter, enthusiastic learner and future leader in whatever industry she decides to pursue. Her genuine curiosity and strong work ethic will take her far in her career, but what I’m most impressed about is her care and empathy for others as well as those certain intangibles that make her uniquely Megan.

Adam Beard
Communications Manager, Jordan Brand at Nike

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